Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Presenting The Solid Gold Easy Action T.Rex Gaming Oracle

Because the world cried out for it, here is a random generator that will spit out four lines of exquisite gibberish from the oeuvre of Mr. Marc Bolan (1947-1977).  I made it during an unusually productive fit of insomnia and put it up on Abulafia.  It can easily generate ideas for NPCs, locations, magic items, story hooks, setting details, you name it.

A couple examples:

I can feel earthquakes inside of me
The Elf lord
A likeness in flesh of the magic
Rameses born with platinum future

He left us in the room of faded scrolls
Statues that say, worship the day
Are the textures of Earth's distant future
Spun in lore from Dagamoor


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