Thursday, January 9, 2020

Esoteric Enterprises (plus character sheets)

So it's been a while.

I don't really want to address that in any significant way right now, as every time I try, it ends up in a spiral of excuses, desperate jokes, and a waste of the reader's time so instead I'll just make a brief post about a game I'm excited about and a little fan-thing I made for it.

The game is Esoteric Enterprises, written, designed, everything elsed by Emmy Allen of Dying Stylishly Games, and published by Soulmuppet Publishing. It's available in pdf here and in hardcopy from Melsonian Arts Council and Exalted Funeral.

It's the mashup of World of Darkness and Old School D&D you never knew you wanted. Eight classes that let you play anything from a mad scientist or paranormal investigator to a werewolf or the wandering soul of a coma patient (examples from the book's helpful "How do I make a..." section). Plan heists, cut inadvisable deals with immortal cthonic beings and mundane mobsters in over their heads, delve into subterranean complexes radiating with forbidden knowledge and more terrifying monsters than yourselves.

If this sounds at all exciting, you really should check it out. The first print run sold out almost immediately and the physical book is gorgeous and glossy. The pdf edition includes both the regular version and a printer-friendly art free version, which is a considerate touch, I think.

The only thing it doesn't have yet is a character sheet. So I decided to make my own. It's not particularly glamorous, but I think it gets the job done. There really isn't room for spells, so for now those are best written on the back or a separate sheet, and at some point I might make a magic sheet for spellcasters like the one below. Anyway, for now, here's the sheet in two formats: Letter Size and A4 (click on the description for the pdf).

Letter Size

A4 Size

EDIT: Made a spell sheet for Occultist and Mystic PCs.

Letter Size