Friday, July 29, 2011

Update, Upcoming Projects...

1. "Rival Adventuring Parties" and "Rural Inns & Taverns" took 2nd Place in Zak S.'s Vornheim: Hack This Book Contest, losing out to Dan Voyce's wonderfully weird "Nasty Little Idols" and "Theatre Amphisbaena".

2. I've now put up "Rural Inns & Taverns" as a 1- page pdf here. Other tables should
follow shortly.


For this weekend and the coming week.

1. I really want to flesh out the Galbaruc setting first detailed here. I'm thinking Encounter Tables, Holidays, NPCs, Monsters, Societies and Factions, etc. I really like what Trey's doing with The City and James Maliszewski's Dwimmermount campaign (not to mention Zak S.'s Vornheim) , and I think it would be fun and challenging to do something similar.

2. Get down some details on Psychadelic Warlords. What it is, for starters.

3. Encounter table for the Foreigners' Quarter of Jakálla.

4. Some movie reviews.

5. Get to work on that YA novel.

6. Get back to drawing and painting -- especially now that I have a scanner.

7. Run something on Google +.