Tuesday, November 22, 2011

These Guys are Getting Statted Up and Dropped Into Galbaruc

Well, not on the city itself, but beneath it, sure, and in lonely places in the wilderness, and beneath the sea, and inhabiting strange, unexplored islands. I found these pseudo-Rabelasian monstrosities on the always-excellent Monster Brains yesterday, and they're exactly the sort of bizarre creepy-yet-somewhat- whimsical monsters I want to use in my setting. They look like the guys who were taking a cigarette break when it came time for the Temptation of St. Anthony, or something Sir John Mandeville saw on his travels while tripping on strange drugs with Prester John.

Here's a few:


  1. What's great is how the first guy has an entire jenny-hanover-type mermaid just casually stuck in his belt "for later."

    I could also see these guys fitting into tekumel pretty well.

  2. Yeah, it's true: Prester John always had the best shit.

    Those are indeed some inspiring illustrations. I dub the last one the Cauldron Wraith.