Other Things I've Worked On

Into The Odd RPG
I did couple of illustrations (one b&w, one color) for Chris McDowall's RPG of survival horror and industrial weirdness.

Chthonic Codex Boxed Set
I illustrated the pre-gen player character handouts and contributed to a random table in Book 3: Mysteries & Mystagogues


          Thousand Suns: Five Stars
          I did a couple of illustrations for this adventure of James                       Maliszewski's "Imperial Science Fiction" RPG.

Secret Santicore 2011
I did some illustrations for this one, as well as the "Vat-Spawn" entry.

Flavors of Fear: 13 Weird Fantasy Setting Sketches For Lamentations of the Flame Princess: Jack Shear wrote the vast and wonderful bulk of this fan supplement, but my Weird Classical World mini-settings appear in Appendix 4.

World of Darkness: Changing Breeds: I wrote the stuff about necromancy-practicing were-owls.