Sunday, February 26, 2012

Look at These Album Covers. Also, Teasing Glimpses of Posts to Come.

Working on a few entries in the draft pile, including but not limited to:

- A Broad Overview of Religion on Galbaruc

- Classes on Galbaruc: Cleric - How I'm handling Clerics in my home campaign, once I get it off the ground.  I'm putting in Atheist clerics, which might be a stupid idea, but which made sense to me the other day, and fits with the way I'm envisioning the class in this setting.

- The Space-Race on Galbaruc, and what people there think about the Moon.

- The Supreme Monstrosity: The winged, 9-eyed Dinosaur Satan who is rumored to lair in a cave somewhere on Oriax, and which I stole from TOPPS' Dinosaurs Attack! bubble gum cards from the late '80's.

- The Brazen Head of Criswell, an artifact of dubious, reality-warping prophetic power

- By the way, Oriax has been relocated.  It's no longer a planet in its own right, but is a continent on a shared world setting co-owned by me, Evan Elkins, and Robert Parker.  We just figured, hey, we're each doing weird space-fantasy desert planets, planets are huge, so why not have it be the same planet.

- An Actual Play report of the Hill Cantons game the other day, according to the Colonel, whose reputation for veracity is matched only by his fearlessness in battle.

But for now, I just want to show you the cover art for this two-part album from Earth, because I think it's absolutely gorgeous.


  1. I think atheist clerics are easily workable. Not all belief systems are theistic, after all.

    The sort of steampunkian fantasy novels of Stephen Hunt have a primary church (the Circlist Church) which is expressly atheistic. They're ardent rationalists with (I think) some vaugely Eastern religion sort of ideas (cirlce of existence and all that) and hints at times of the low-level Mentat-ish sort of mathematical abilities.

    1. Yeah, the rationale I'm going with is that Clerics are conduits for mysterious powers beyond their understanding. Unlike M-Us, who obsessively track down and study forbidden lore, Clerics just seem to manifest their powers, and there's no rhyme or reason (that has been definitively proved, anyway) to who ends up w/ cleric powers. Those in a religious community tend to regard these powers as a blessing (or curse) from their deity, while those without such a background (or who have rejected it) are free to come up with their own explanations. A lot of these tend to become controversial Messianic figures in their own right.

  2. I always wanted to made a setting on that album covers (and in that music too!) but i didn't know what to use to fill the gaps. I'm glad to find someone who thought alike! tell me about it if you ever make something out of it!